Compliance isn’t a choice.
But compliance training is.

Choose to build your culture of compliance with 100s of engaging, interactive online training courses covering the latest regulatory requirements.

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Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning.

Designed for knowledge retention.

Our courses employ instructional design techniques and are driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios, which is proven to support knowledge retention.

Topic coverage

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Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence, ensuring your employees get the most up-to-date training.

Built for purpose

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Our courses are fully customisable and scalable to fit the exact learning objectives set by your business. We offer a full range of options and can work with you to personalise any aspect to meet your requirements.

Thomson Reuters Microlearning

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This complementary solution changes the approach to online compliance with short, impactful learning modules to reinforce key concepts to help keep compliance top-of-mind.

Amplify your compliance

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Our Compliance Learning Manager provides a flexible and easy-to-use Learning Management System to support your training and compliance obligations.

“Being non-compliant goes way beyond a fine. There is the impact on brand and reputation, the impact on share value and most importantly on customers. A non-compliant activity can taint your entire organisation”

“Andrew Yuille, Vice President – Partnerships & Alliances, Thomson Reuters”

Ensure that your employees have the right information to make compliant decisions and safeguard your business from risk with Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning. We are a proven partner in delivering comprehensive training programs and we have provided courses in 28 different languages to more than 3,000 training clients and over 3,000,000 professionals globally.

Our courses are delivered online, allowing your employees to engage in training anytime, anywhere. Participation and results are easily tracked and recorded via our Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning Manager.

Compliance is not a choice, but compliance training is. Choose the right training partner to ensure your employees have the tools and knowledge to build your organisation’s culture of compliance.

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