How HighQ elevates law firm productivity

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Lawyers are used to complexity – handling intricate matters is part of the job. But, navigating labour-intensive, manual processes often gets in the way.

Firm leaders face other challenges: charting the right path for the business – and meeting clients’ expectations, requires detailed reporting and analysis – usually at a moment’s notice.

To do it all - law firms need a tool that makes this work easier, so they can be more productive.

HighQ is a solution made for legal professionals that streamlines processes so you can:

  • Operate a modern law firm
  • Manage deadline-driven work seamlessly
  • And deliver an exceptional client experience

HighQ elevates the way lawyers work and how firms operate.

Watch our webinar to hear how HighQ benefits the whole firm, inside and out.

Sue Marshall
Director of Knowledge Management
Buckley LLP
Robin Porter
Head of Practice Innovation & Knowledge Management
Carol Phillips
Foot Anstey LLP
Tara Walsh
Client Solutions Lead
Foot Anstey LLP
Jason Yi
Director of Department Operations
Polsinelli PC
Stuart Barr
Chief Platform Strategist
Thomson Reuters

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